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Interview Mistakes that Interviewers Make

I have heard even in this day and age of interviewers who ask female job applicants if they plan to have a child soon or if having children will interfere with their job performance. I have heard about interviewers who cut an interview short the moment they saw the job applicant was older (or simply different) than expected. And I have heard about interviewers who promised to accommodate an interviewee’s disability, hired the person and then forgot the promise so that the new hire was forced to quit. Those interviewers are setting their companies up for fines and lawsuits.

Interviewing people for jobs requires knowledge of federal and state laws that protect workers and job applicants from discrimination and protects the company against lawsuits.

What about the interviewer who hires a candidate without checking references or job history? Or the interviewer asks questions like “what is your greatest weakness” or “what animal would you be if you were an animal,” yet never asks “can you do the job I’m hiring you for”? Or how about the interviewer who copies an interviewee’s portfolio without permission in order to use the work in house; and only then makes a job offer? Those interviewers are hiring people who might lie on paper, who might be hiding serious flaws in their skills and education, and who seem to have no problem working for a company that steals.

Interviewing people for jobs requires checking backgrounds, asking relevant questions and upholding the values of your company.

Some companies call HR Compliance 101 when a hiring process goes wrong and they end up with an employee they want to dismiss as quickly as possible. Others hire us before the interview process begins. We help them write and post job ads that attract the right people; make sure that the information on resumes is accurate; guide interviewers through the interview process; and alert the company to changes they should make in the employment process that enables the company to fire a new hire without incurring fines and lawsuits. Contact us today.

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