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Please help me spread the word on this class.  I’m looking for companies who use forklifts to move product at their facilities and job sites.

As a certified forklift instructor, I’ll be holding my next forklift training class from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. at Pure Flow, 425 Jaffrey Road, Peterborough, NH on Tuesday, June 28th. There are (6) six seats remaining. The cost of $160 per participant includes a formal, on-site evaluation upon successful completion of the class. If a company uses forklifts & OSHA shows up, the employees need to prove they have been certified on the equipment they are operating and they must also possess a signed card that documents that certification.  If they aren’t certified or if they can’t locate the card, OSHA will impose fines.  EXPENSIVE FINES. Register now via e-mail to or call Paula @ 603-831-2114 for more details.


Best businesses create contexts that allow people to do good work. Be relentless in your pursuit of continuous improvement! Manage the entire context in which people perform. Create your business culture with your strategies, systems, and practices.

2016 CONCEPTS FOR ONE OR TWO-HOUR TRAINING WORKSHOPS (can be customized for your workplace)

Safety Topics

  • Dept of Labor Safety Committee (JLMC) requirements(15 or more employees)
  • Temporary/Alternative Transitional Duty Program(5 or more full-time employees)
  • Emergency Response Plan
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan
  • Personal Protective Equipment – 29 CFR 1910.132
  • Hazard Communication Program – 29 CFR 1910.1200
  • OSHA 300 Log, OSHA 300A Form, First Aid Log, Near Miss Log


  • Review of all Federal & State posters
  • Non-harassment training
  • The Cost of Non-Compliance with State Regulations (more than 1 session)
    • RSA 281-A Workers’ Comp & Back to Work Programs/Temporary Alternative Work
    • RSA 354-A Discrimination/Sexual Harassment
    • RSA 275:37 NH Equal Pay Act
    • RSA 279 Minimum Wage
    • RSA 275:42 Prompt Wage Payments
    • RSA 282 Unemployment Benefits
    • RSA 354-A Discrimination in Employment
    • RSA 281-A OSHA; Safety;
  • How to handle a State Unemployment Dispute
  • Worker Authorization Documentation (I-9 forms)
  • HIPAA Compliance

Human Resources

  • Legal versus illegal questions to ask in an interview
  • Creating workplaces that work for everyone; How do you create a culture that will encourage your employees to do their best work
  • Development of Job Descriptions
  • FLSA: Who to Hire and How to Hire, Independant Contractor versus Employee and Exempt versus Non-exempt.
  • Employee Handbook – review of basic elements
  • Garnishments
  • Time Management: How to Manage Your Most Precious Commodity
  • Constructive Working Relationships:  How to encourage employees to play well together
  • The Cost of Turnover & how to reduce it to less than 5%
  • How to manage the Recruiting process
  • Employee Training, what is required, what makes sense to do
  • Meet & Greet Activities: bringing new employees into the fold
    • Terminating Employees: Managing the process to protect your company from the risk of bad hires.