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Human Resource Services

The Clothing ConnectionYou deserve the company culture you’ve always wanted. HR Compliance 101 helps companies with 5-50 employees to establish fair policies (fair to you and to your employees) . . . enjoy the benefits of well-trained, productive and safe staff . . . ease the process of hiring and firing . . . and improve retention.


We help you define your human resource policies and procedures. Then we write an employee handbook. We prepare you for that first employee and that first personnel problem. We also help educate your current employees by putting your accepted practices in writing.


We create the ad, weed through responses and select the candidates most suited for the job and your company. We work with you to create an interview script that’s objective, thorough, easy to follow and legal. We’ll even help you develop a comprehensive benefits and compensation program.


We make sure your procedures and policies for hiring and for firing satisfy Department of Labor regulations. Firing is an expensive option, especially when not handled correctly. We let you know your alternatives.


Our training and coaching increase productivity and reduce the risks to your business. We’ll provide the annual refresher safety training that OSHA requires of all your employees.  We’ll also provide on-site training in forklift safety, supervision, dealing with sexual harrassment issues and other topics for a variety of industries. We give you, your managers, and your employees the tools to operate a safe, regulatory compliant and productive company.

It’s your company. Let us help.