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Forklift certification class on 4/25/17 from 8-noon

If your company uses forklifts and OSHA shows up, your employees need to prove they have been certified on the equipment they are operating, and they must also be in possession of a signed card.  If your operators aren’t certified, OSHA will fine you…A WHOLE LOT.  OSHA fines start at over $12,000 for a single violation.  Get your people certified before OSHA knocks on your door.

As a certified forklift instructor, I’ll be holding a forklift certification class from 8 a.m. – noon at the Atlas Pyrovision Entertainment Group (APEG) facility on 137 Old Sharon Road in Jaffrey, NH on April 25th.  Reservations will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.  The cost of $160 per participant includes the four-hour training class and a formal on-site evaluation on your equipment upon successful completion of the class.

Register now via e-mail to or call Paula at 603-831-2114 for more details.

If your company doesn’t use forklifts, please help me by passing this information along to your business associates who do use forklifts in their organizations and who don’t have a trained instructor on their staff.  Thanks so much.



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