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Questions and Answers

   What types of companies fall under OSHA and Department of Labor (DOL) regulations?

   All companies with even one employee must conform to certain OSHA and DOL regulations. Once you have fifteen or more employees, you must set up committees mandated by the law.

   How can I tell which state and federal regulations apply to my company? And what happens if you discover I’m out of compliance with some obscure regulation?

   HR Compliance 101 will conduct a compliance assessment of your business to make sure you are meeting state and federal regulations. If you aren’t, we’ll help you comply. For example, we have procedures, forms and reports you can begin using immediately. We won’t report you for noncompliance: we work for you, not the government.

   I have a troublesome employee. Under what circumstances can I dock his pay?

   You can never dock an employee’s pay. HR Compliance 101 will show you fair, legal and successful alternatives to end the trouble.

   A recently hired employee hurt herself at work and right now she can’t do the job she was hired for. Do I have to take her back?

   Under most circumstances, you’re responsible for finding some tasks that can be accomplished by an injured employee during the recuperation period. HR Compliance 101 has worked with many medical professionals and can help you to identify appropriate tasks. We can also help you set up appropriate procedures before the next injury occurs.

   What are the chances that the Department of Labor or OSHA will ever visit my company?

   You may face fines even without a DOL or OSHA visit. For example, a common citation issued by the New Hampshire DOL is failure to file a Safety Summary Form. (If you haven’t filed yet, you should file immediately to show good faith.) Similarly, any claim by a disgruntled employee may involve OSHA and the DOL.

   How can I afford an outside consultant like HR Compliance 101?

   We save you the cost of hiring a full-time Human Resource and Safety advisor; we train you to take over as many Human Resource and Safety functions as you like; and we free you to concentrate on your business. We keep you in compliance so you don’t become another statistic in the list of DOL and OSHA citations. Many insurance companies lower their rates when they find out you have a professional Human Resource and Safety advisor. Send us an e-mail and we’ll be glad to speak to your specific situation.

It’s your company. Let us help.