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First Meeting

To understand the true benefits of working with HR Compliance 101, you’ll want to arrange a Compliance Assessment. In 3 hours you’ll receive:

  • An objective review of your Human Resource goals
  • A Compliance Assessment to show you where you currently meet State and Federal regulations—and where you need help
  • An estimate of the cost to bring your company into full compliance
  • A standard Safety Manual
  • A standard Human Resource Manual

This Compliance Assessment is a vital step in meeting State and Federal regulations. It immediately reduces your risk of fines, lawsuits and citations, while helping to create a context and culture that encourages your employees to do their best work. For more details, see Costs, Results, Next Steps below.

Compliance Assessment

The Compliance Assessment evaluates items like the following:

Topic No. of Employees Compliance
Age discrimination >20 Poster; train supervisors on interviewing/promoting
Appraisal forms ALL Use legal language, train reviewers
Bloodborne Pathogen Program >10 Write plan, train employees
Disability discrimination >15 Poster; train supervisors on ADA hiring/interviewing; provide reasonable accommodations
Discrimination in pay ALL Poster; make grades/wages consistent; train management
Discrimination/ sexual harassment >6 Poster; train supervisors/employees
Disciplinary activities ALL Set up disciplinary procedures; train supervisors
Emergency Response Plan >10 Write plan; train employees
Hazard Communication Program >5 Write plan; train employees (employees must be trained on SDS/MSDS within 30 days of hire and before working with chemicals)
Job Identification forms >5 Develop forms for all job functions with personal protective equipment (PPE) and physical requirements identified
Joint Loss Management Committee >5 Set up committee with elected representatives to develop written safety programs, identify workplace hazards, and take corrective action
Return from military service ALL Poster; set up system; train supervisors
State Biennial Report >15 Submit summary of written safety program to State Department of Labor
Workers’ Compensation >1 Poster; train on submission of claims; train supervisors on patterns; write temporary alternative duty program; document training

Safety Manual

The Safety Manual includes the following documents:

  • Procedure for Reporting Accidents/Incidents and related forms: Form 8aWCA, Form 8Wc, OSHA 300 Log, 300A Form, Form 301, Near Miss Log, First Aid Log, Accident/Incident Investigation Report, and OSHA Instructions
  • Department of Labor Safety Summary Form
  • Procedure for an OSHA Response Plan and contact form
  • Hazardous Chemical Inventory form
  • Form for Quarterly Reviews
  • Safety Plan for managers and employees
  • Poster Checklist (free Federal and State posters provided as needed)

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Human Resource Manual

The Human Resource Manual includes the following documents:

  • Document which defines contents of Personnel files versus Confidential files
  • NH Employment Security New Hire Reporting Form
  • Current W-4 Form and I-9 form
  • Sample Employee Update and Review Forms
  • Sample Disciplinary Form
  • Sample Termination Form
  • New Hire Rate of Pay form
  • Request for payment of wages other than weekly

Costs, Results, Next Steps

HR Compliance 101 charges $725 for the 3-hour Compliance and Human Resource Assessment. For this first meeting, we will need 3 hours of time from the person who currently wears the Human Resource, Safety and Compliance hats.We will assess your current systems, forms, policies and procedures.At the end of the assessment, you’ll know exactly what you have in place that is correct, what you need that you currently don’t have and what it will cost to come into full compliance with all the policies and procedures that apply to your company. Please call us to make a date.

Based on the Compliance Assessment, we can begin working with you to meet your Human Resource, Safety, and compliance goals. We supply and fill out the forms, conduct training programs and customize handbooks, documents and guidelines. We assist you with recruiting, interviewing, hiring, disciplining and firing employees. We’ll show you where to find the information you need. With HR Compliance 101 at your side, you’ll create a workplace that works…for everyone.

It’s your company. Let us help.